Adopt a pet for your class blog


Adopt a pet for your classroom blog for added interest. Bunnyhead Labs have created various pets you can adopt and embed as a widget on your classroom blog. Below is an example of a Panda I adopted for the purposes of this review. Scroll over the Panda, click on the more button and feed Wang Wang some bamboo. Just have fun!


There are many animals to choose from, a few are pictured below.




SpeakPipe is a widget you can place on your blog or website to add a ‘Send Voicemail’ tab to the right hand side of your site. Clicking the tab enables visitors to leave a voicemail message. When a voicemail message has been left you are then notified by email. Checking your voicemail is as simple as clicking on the link in the email. SpeakPipe is in beta at the moment and is currently free to sign up. I recently incorporated SpeakPipe in a quadblogging activity on my classroom blog. Can you think of other ways to use SpeakPipe? Share your ideas by leaving a comment.






Wonderopolis gives you explanations to a daily question you might of wondered about or questions you haven’t imagined yet. Each question is explored with pictures and video if possible. The information is clearly set out and easy to follow with appropriate web links to further explore the topic. An example of some of the recent questions are:

# Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Falling?

# Does Everyone Have a Funny Bone?

# Do Dogs Really Eat Homework?

# What Is a Narwhal?

There is a widget available that you can incorporate in your blog or website (see below). Wonderopolis can be used in the classroom to inspire discussion or further exploration of a topic. It can be used for shared reading, reading comprehension or your next Science lesson. A great resource to help students to broaden their interests and knowledge.




Back to School Countdown Widget


Want to include a Back to School countdown widget on your classroom blog? Below is an example of a good one that you can use.

You can adjust the size, change the title and event message, choose your own date, background, timezone and time for the countdown.

Back to School Widget



Unfortunately it seems that since Google has acquired PostRank everything I have written below has changed. The widget no longer works and the pages the links linked to have been removed. I will keep you posted if the situation changes. If you know anything about this situation leave a comment.

PostRank is a widget you can use in your blog to showcase your top posts. PostRank ranks your top posts by analyzing the types and frequency of interactions with your posts through comments, tweets and likes etc. PostRank enables your readers to see your best content as decided by your readers. It is a great way to showcase your content and expose readers to your back catalog of posts. People can also search your content giving the reader ranked feedback based on their search. I have added PostRank to primary edutech. You can see it in right hand column and experience it for yourself.

PostRank is available as a WordPress plugin at: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-postrank/

For TypePad and Blogger you can customize your widget and get the code at: http://labs.postrank.com/top_posts#builder

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