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mettaI came across metta recently while looking for an easy to use multimedia tool to create an online quiz for a Student Blogging Challenge that my class is involved with. Metta is a slideshow creation tool, that has some very handy bells and whistles. The clean and simple to use interface makes it easy for anyone to start using and just run with it. You have two options to insert text, video, images and audio. The first is using the inbuilt search which allows you to insert YouTube videos, images from Yahoo Image search, Text from Twitter and audio from Soundcloud. The second option is to upload your own content. In addition to this you can insert a quiz or a poll into your presentations.

Below is a screen grab demonstrating the clean interface.

metta screen shot

With metta you can also create groups for your students and assign lessons and see student responses to questions you have embedded into your presentations. Students that you have added to a group can both interact with the content you create for them or create the content themselves.

Metta is free to use, but has a Plus and Pro upgrade which gives you the ability to add more than one group, unlimited quiz module and an increase in storage.

Below is an example of how I used to produce a quiz on my home State of South Australia.

Metta is supported within Edmodo and Schoology and there are also android and ios apps available.


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Targeting Maths 3


tragetingmaths3Targeting Maths 3 is brought to you by the people that created Reading Eggs and the Targeting Maths resource books, that Australian teachers would be familiar with. This app is not cheap at $9.49, but well worth the money when you consider the depth of resources and activities on offer.

This app can be used by a multiple of children or students at a year 3 level on the same iPad, because each user has their own account which keeps track of their individual achievements and the progress they have made. Students can earn badges as they progress through the app.

There is a training section which covers the Maths topics of Number, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Shapes and Patterns, Money and Data and Measurement. There are 81 question sets that support the training and a scratch board to assist with working problem out and a dictionary to assist with terms.

There is a multiplayer game where up to 4 players can play against each other in a game of speed and skill.

The timed section is there to help students become more efficient at recalling their number facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Students earn tokens that can be used to play one of two games, Exploding Mice or Robo-Juggle.

ipad-animationThis app is the first in a series that will eventually support a greater range of year levels. I can thoroughly recommend this app as I bought it for my daughter who is in year 3. She likes using it and the questions and content are familiar to her as it is well aligned with the curriculum she has experienced at school.




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Dr Maryanne Demasi enters the sonic world of Spatial Processing Disorder and experiences what it’s like when you can’t distinguish background noise from targeted speech.  ABC Catalyst

Follow the link to watch a video of the story or read the transcript

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Boy attends school via robot














A young boy with extreme allergies sends a telepresence robot to school in his stead.

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The Ed Tech Crew Podcast


The Ed Tech Crew Podcast is a free weekly audio podcast from Australia on all things tech in education. Hosted by Darrel Branson and Tony Richards, the two discuss technology in education, current issues, websites, web 2.0 and a whole lot more. At the writing of this post ‘The Ed Tech Crew’ have 195 podcasts under their belt. Well worth listening to for great ideas and to keep up to date on all things tech in education.

iTunes link to The Ed Tech Crew Podcast

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Four Corners: Revolution in the Classroom


This Four Corners program looks at the issue of teacher performance. Four Corners explores three different schools and how they have dealt with the issue. This program raises a lot of questions and is well worth the look. Follow the link below to view the Four Corners program from their website.

For some time now there’s been a bruising debate about the balance of funding handed out to public and private schools. No one doubts it’s an important debate, but many educators believe it has helped obscure an even more fundamental question about where the money is spent. Over the past decade, the Federal Government has spent billions of dollars trying to lower class sizes, increase the use of computers and boost investment in school buildings. At the same time, Australia’s educational performance relative to key neighbouring countries has been falling. The question is why?


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Apple Education Event: iBooks 2, iBooks Author and iTunes U.


Recently Apple had it’s Education event in New York, where it showcased iBooks 2, iBooks Author and iTunes U. To view the Apple Education Event I encourage you to view the presentation by visiting

I have also embedded the latest episode of iPad today where Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane discuss the new iBooks 2, iBooks Author and iTunes U. The whole episode is not devoted to these applications, but does contain reviews and tips that you might find helpful. This episode also includes the review of Onlive Desktop. If you are in the US or UK you will be very interested in this if you have wanted to have a Windows 7 experience on your iPad and want to have access to Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Why does Australia seem to miss out on all the new cool stuff?

Report offers way to overhaul ICT


A story from BBC News:

iPad Writers

The Royal Society has suggested ways the government can overhaul information and communications technology (ICT) teaching in schools.

It follows promises from Education Secretary Michael Gove to scrap the way the subject is taught currently.

The body, which oversees UK sciences, recommends dividing computing into distinct subjects such as computer science and digital literacy.

It said the government must do more to recruit specialist ICT teachers.

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Preschool standards shock


THE educational prospects of the nation’s children are being jeopardised by a ”very poor” standard of teaching in preschools, a government-funded national study into the quality of early education has found.




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New NBN Education Portal


Joint media release from Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy and The Hon Peter Garrett MP

Australian students will be able to access exciting, new innovative and interactive educational resources for teachers and students via a new $19.94 million National Broadband Network-enabled education portal.

The portal will also provide access to, and allow the use of, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) comprehensive database of contemporary and archival content which will be digitised and linked to the Australian Curriculum under a funding arrangement with the ABC and Education Services Australia (ESA).

Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy and Minister for School Education, Peter Garrett, said the free portal was an exciting learning tool for use at school, and importantly, at home.

The portal, which will be launched in the second half of next year, will enhance skills development and allow students to work collaboratively with students across Australia.

Resources could include a free online tutorial service and the ability to take part in self-directed interactive learning activities using games, video, reading material, and quizzes.

“The Gillard Government is committed to assisting students, teachers, parents and their communities reap the educational benefits of our world class NBN,” Senator Conroy said.

“The portal is a free, public, online portal that provides students, families and teachers with access to an extensive library of educational content and services for use in classrooms and homes across Australia.

“Students will be able to watch, listen, read, remix, tag and recommend resources. They will be able to have virtual tours of educationally relevant places, events or communities and participate in interactive games, in 3D immersive environments.”

Mr Garrett said the new portal would provide access to interactive learning resources, which will support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. It is being developed by the ABC in collaboration with Education Services Australia (ESA).

“Students across the country will be able to access the ABC’s huge archive – television footage, audio items and online content – which will be directly linked with the new curriculum content,” he said.

“The portal, which will be accessed over the NBN’s high-speed broadband connection, will provide a rich interactive experience as students are able to mix, mash and adapt content according to their learning needs.

“It will also complement the Gillard Government’s $2.4 billion investment in the Digital Education Revolution, including our rollout of more than 780,000 school computers for senior high school students.”

The portal builds on the archival content to develop interactive, educational resources linked to the curriculum.

Photo Attribution Some rights reserved by luckylynda74
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