Digital Technologies Hub: Scope and Sequence F-10

Looking for a Scope and Sequence for the new Technologies curriculum? This could be a place to start.

The Digital Technologies Hub have put together a Scope and Sequence resource for teachers. It is not an extensive resource, but a starting point for teachers to use. It provides a possible set of sequenced topics to address the new Technologies curriculum.

Pictured below is an outline of the Year 3-4 topics and associated topics.

When you click on a unit you are presented with an overview and the flow of activities. You can download the topic overview, unit overview, topic unit map, and Unit SOLO Taxonomy as a PDF or Word document format.

Clicking on the activities will give you a lesson outline.

This resource would be a good starting point for schools that are yet to formulate a scope and sequence in this area. It certainly can be built upon with further ideas and ways to achieve the learning outcomes.

Below is a quick video introduction to the resource.

Digital Technologies Hub – Scope and Sequence (F-10)
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