Four STEM Lesson plans exploring aspects of our Oceans from Microsoft Education and BBC Learning

Microsoft Education and BBC Learning have collaborated together to provide four STEM lesson plans that focus on aspects of our Oceans. Each lesson plan explores the skills of writing code, building sensors, creating 3D models, and experiencing mixed reality. There are reflection and documenting activities supported by videos, photos and other digital resources.

The four STEM lesson plans focus on the following areas….

How do sharks swim?

Learn about the 3D coordinate system using physical and digital shark models to understand yaw, pitch, and roll.

How do sharks swim? STEM Lesson plans

How deep is the ocean?

Students explore remote terrains by modelling and graphing the ocean floor with an ultrasonic sensor to visualize organisms that live in different ocean layers.

How deep is the ocean? STEM Lesson plans

How are ocean currents formed?

Discover the impact of salinity and temperature on ocean currents by conducting experiments, building an electrical conductivity sensor, and analyzing global data.

How are ocean currents formed? STEM Lesson plans

How to creft a coral reef?

Around the globe, coral reefs dot the aquatic landscape. Through the power of Minecraft: Education Edition, take your classroom underwater to discover the different types of reefs and what we can do to save them.

How to craft a coral reef? STEM Lesson plans
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