Build with Chrome


Lego is a very popular material in any classroom. Online it’s just as popular. Build with Chrome is a partnership between Lego and Chrome (Google) where you can build your own design using virtual Lego bricks. Coupled with Google Maps, you can decide to build your creation anywhere in the world or discover other people’s creations by browsing the map. There is a ‘Build Academy’ for newbies, which takes you through step by step the features of Build with Chrome and what’s possible. The only glitch for students is the need to have a Google+ account to publish. Using screen grabs or clicking the publish key and then saving the URL seems to remember your creation. These are possible workarounds at the moment, but I would be interested to hear if anyone has a better solution. Build with Chrome has excellent Design and Tech applications, with designing a new home, structure, looking at floor plans or streetscapes just to name a few.



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