2 days ago

    Handwriting Dotted Thirds Download for SMART Notebook and Prowise Presenter

    Download for free a dotted thirds template you can use while demonstrating handwriting during your…
    3 days ago

    Alike – a short film to motivate discussion on many topics.

    Alike is a film by Daniel Martinez and Rafa Cano Mèndez. It is a short…
    5 days ago

    South Australian Handwriting Sheets Aa to Zz

    I have developed a set of handwriting practice sheets for use in South Australian schools…
    General Resources
    1 week ago

    Microsoft To-Do is now available to Office 365 Education

    Office 365 Education accounts now have Microsoft To-Do enabled by default. This means you can…
    Teacher Tools
    2 weeks ago

    Password management for teachers with LastPass

    Teachers end up with a lot of accounts and a lot of passwords to remember.…
    Health and Physical Education
    2 weeks ago

    The #PhysEd Show

    Its great to see great teachers sharing their expertise online. Joey Feith is one such…
    2 weeks ago

    Universe Size Comparison 3D – Amaze your students when you next explore the planets.

    This is a fantastic video showing the size comparisons by diameter between moons, planets, stars,…
    Teacher Downloads
    3 weeks ago

    Teacher / Classroom Timetable Template

    I found it difficult to find a teacher/classroom timetable template online that suited my purposes,…
    3 weeks ago

    Ok Go – Videos to amaze your students

    I have been a big fan of Ok Go and their amazing videos for a…
    3 weeks ago

    Be Internet Awesome

    Be Internet Awesome is a digital citizenship and online safety course brought to you by…

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