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Multi Rap HD

Multi Rap HD are 10 separate multiplication iPad apps produced by Rock ‘N Learn. Each one has a music video devoted to a times table and a skip counting video. There are drill and practice questions to further check understanding and a race against the clock game. Each app costs $1.49. A fun and accessible way for students to work on their multiplication skills on the iPad.

Find out more by clicking on the following links…

Multiplication Rap 2x HD – iTunes Store  Multiplication Rap 3x HD – iTunes Store   Multiplication Rap 4x HD – iTunes Store   Multiplication Rap 5x HD – iTunes Store   Multiplicatio Rap 6x HD – iTunes Store   Multiplication Rap 7x HD – iTunes Store   Multiplication 8x HD – iTunes Store   Multiplication 9x HD – iTunes Store   Multiplication Rap 10x HD – iTunes Store   Multiplication Rap 11x HD – iTunes Store
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