Primary edutech is a website devoted to primary teachers. It’s aim is to collect primary relevant resources from around the web and make them available to teachers in a user friendly environment.

Primary edutech‘s goal is to collect resources and information on Blogging, IWBs (Interactive White Boards), iPads, Media and the Web. Resources and information will be sorted and categorised where possible into the new Australian Curriculum, by year level and subject.

Primary edutech is also a way for you to share your ideas and resources as well. If you are happy to share things that you have found useful, or resources you have developed yourself then please visit our contribute page for more details on how to do this.

About the administrator of primary edutech

My name is Scott Baldock. I am a primary school teacher from Adelaide, Australia. I have been teaching for 19 years. I have taught Receptions (5 year olds) up to Year 4 and everything in between. I am currently teaching a year 3/4 class.

I am very passionate about ICT and what it has to offer education. Primary edutech is my way of sharing resources I’ve developed myself or ideas I find and discover from many sources around the web and media. I also hope that primary edutech becomes a way for primary teachers to share their ideas and experiences of the web.

Please feel free to have a look at my classroom blog to see my class using some of the resources that will appear on primary edutech.


Where to find me on the web…..

 +Primary Edutech

 +Scott Baldock

 Check out my about.me profile!


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