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South Australian Handwriting Sheets Aa to Zz

I have developed a set of handwriting practice sheets for use in South Australian schools using the South Australian modern cursive font. The intention with these sheets is for students to trace the letters first following a teacher’s directions on the correct formation of the letters and then the student attempting to write the letters independently on the dotted thirds lines. They are best used with Year 3/4 students, but could be used with other year levels as well. The download link is below and they are free for you to use. There is a dotted thirds template that I have developed to assist teachers when presenting their handwriting lessons on a smart board. The templates are available in a SMART Notebook version and a Prowise Presenter version. Click on the link at the bottom of this post to download these templates.

Download: South Australian Handwriting Sheet – Aa to Zz Handwriting Dotted Thirds Templates for SMART Notebook and Prowise Presenter
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