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ClassDojo Toolkit brings a set of easy to use tools for your classroom

I have been using ClassDojo for years. It is a great tool that my classes have loved over the years. ClassDojo has become a lot more than just a rewards point system for my class and there are a lot of new features that have been added to ClassDojo that I will feature in this review.

The New Toolkit!

Recently ClassDojo introduced Toolkit, a set of tools for teachers that have been integrated into ClassDojo that are there ready to assist in the classroom.


Directions allow teachers to do as the name suggests and that is, set directions for your students. This is great for when you want to welcome students in the morning and then leave them a set of instructions on what to do to get ready for the day. What I really like about this tool is that it remembers your instructions and you can have multiple sets of directions that you can refer back to.


Group Maker

Group maker enables the teacher to quickly put students into random groups of any number. It also has a feature where you can ensure that those students that shouldn’t be in the same group aren’t.




The Music tool has two stations to listen to while your students are learning. One is called “Focus” and the other is “Active” and as the names suggest one is for when you would like music for concentration and focus and the other is for when things are a little more active in your classroom. I have found this tool to be great to reduce classroom noise as the students want to listen to the music.


Noise Meter

The Noise Meter tool monitors the noise in your classroom. You can set the sensitivity of the microphone to suit your desired noise level.



Think Pair Share

Think Pair Share is a visual prompt for your questions.






This is a random student picker. When you need a volunteer or need to choose a student impartially for any reason, use this tool.





A simple and clear timer that has some preset times, but you can always set your own timer for any countdown you need.






Today is a welcome message board to display your morning messages or announcements.





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