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100 Word Challenge

100 word challengeThe 100 Word Challenge website founded by Julia Skinner was developed to give students an authentic audience for their creative writing. Each week there is a creative writing challenge prompt posted either in words or a picture. Students then need to set about composing their writing in response, up to 100 words. Once they have completed their writing students must publish their writing in a blog post usually via their classroom blog. Then to enter the challenge a link to that blog post needs to be entered on the 100 Word Challenge website (more information on how to do this, including a video tutorial can be found on the website). Then comments are made on the student entries giving them feedback on their work. Julia has also set up ‘Team 100 WC’, a volunteer team of adults to assist with trying to ensure that students work gets feedback.

The 100 Word Challenge is a great idea, not only to give an accessible task to students, but it is an excellent way to get students involved in blogging and becoming a part of an online community.

What has been your experience with using the 100 Word Challenge website and what benefits have you seen for your students? Please respond by leaving a comment.

100 Word Challenge
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